Meredith Cheatwood is a visual artist and creative writer located in Norfolk, Virginia. She earned a high honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art and English with a Spanish language minor from Wake Forest University in 2018. During this time, she was the editor-in-chief of the on-campus literary publication, 3 to 4 Ounces, and had several poems and art pieces published. She was also represented each year in on-campus gallery shows.  At Wake she had the opportunity to study abroad in London as well as Salamanca, Spain, where she painted two public murals. Following her graduation, she moved to Seattle where she lived for a year and a half as a working artist, practicing her craft alongside a sales associate position at Artist & Craftsman Supply. She gained a great breadth of knowledge about materials and archival techniques and had the opportunity to represent herself professionally in the Seattle arts community. When she returned to Virginia, she began her own small business, Meredith Cheatwood Fine Art (MCFA) and manages all sales, commissions, marketing, and graphic design responsibilities involved. She also acts as the social media administrator for another local creative business, Waverleigh Creative. Meredith has experience in scriptwriting, technical writing, traditional and contemporary poetry, and is currently working on a novel that is expected to reach completion in early 2021.


As I explore my identity as a working artist, I am learning to challenge the boundaries between different media of artmaking that I have practiced throughout several years of studio art education. As a result, I am constructing  a body of work that combines techniques and materials pulled from drawing, painting, and traditional photography, as a few examples. These works integrate multiple layers of acrylic and graphite rendering with found elements and textures that function similarly to how readymade "artifacts" relay narratives in collage, sculpture, or installation work. Neither referential nor abstract, these paintings follow an original, semi-observational method that combines specific subjects alongside non-representational and often geometric themes. I take risks with “classroom” understandings of color, composition, or shape and emphasize the similarities between different media that converse via the formal elements of artmaking.


Being a creative writer as well as a visual artist, I also incorporate textual elements in my work, breaching the bound-ary between written language and visual imagery. In combining these modes of creative expression, I hope to accelerate their role in the impact and distinctiveness of the overall piece while also exploring my growing curiosities about my artistic practice. As I continue working in this vein, I am mindful of my portfolio’s experimental aesthetics but do not seek to refine this toward a converging, harmonious body of work. Rather, I hope to continue questioning and venturing, pushing the bounds of my decision-making as I disrupt traditional parameters of genre and discover the exciting and intricate possibilities that lie in their synthesis. 

-Meredith Cheatwood 2020

Norfolk, VA, United States
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