Custom Plant Markers - $8 ea or 12/$80

Wisteria Sapphire (2020)

Hand-painted 7"x10" cards, $65 each

Crystal & Tarot Mirror Frame (2020)

Roulette (2020)

Simmer Down (left) and Sober Up (right), 2019, acrylic paintings on canvas

Artist statement via instagram page (@mermarie_) "Working on these self portraits was tedious, time-consuming and often frustrating, but ultimately integral to my process of recovering from a harrowing year [...] In painting my own face at an almost uncomfortably large scale, I was forced to scrutinize parts of myself that I despise or wish to change, and question what makes me feel this way. Living with these paintings as they “became me” has also been an intimate act of tenderness and forgiveness towards myself and my past mistakes, and a crucial step in prioritizing my mental wellbeing."

These portraits were milestones in the artist's development as a painter and her success as a working artist. Their style is distinct from her other paintings and demonstrates an intense realism study of the subject as well as a formal exploration of acrylic medium. They were sold together in Seattle for over $1K just before she moved back to the east coast.

Solitairey Queens (2016)

Seascape (2015)

"Show Your Bones" Canvas Panel (2020)

"Citrus, Berry & Bouquet" Wood Panel (2020)

Norfolk, VA, United States
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